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Luna P Reviews EP 11: Cosmic Set and LOVE bracelet fromAlice Creazioni Kawaii ♥
Hi theeere! Sorry for the lack of updates this weekend! I’ve been spending a little vacations ( ̄▽ ̄人) I was really tired, so I think I deserved them! Anyway, I’ll start the common activity on China Pastel, so don’t worry! You’ll have everyday your dose of Fairy Kei and Pastel Fashion on your dashboard! 
Today I’m gonna review a Cosmic set and a LOVE bracelet from Alice Creazioni Kawaii. It’s an italian based shop who sells a lot (and I really mean A LOT) of Fairy Kei and Decora Kei stuff, Creamy Mami inspired accessories and much more ♥‿♥

1. External Packaging and Shipping: 
I contacted Alice about 7th June and she kindly sent me a parcel with some items in order to make the review the 26th July. Because of the slowness of postal service on August, the parcel took a little bit more of time in order to arrive from Italy to Spain (pretty close! >_<) I received the parcel about 7th August. 
The external packaging was a bubble wrapped envelope as you can see on the images and sweetly decorated with cute tape (´∪`*)
2. Internal Packaging:
The items were wrapped on plastic bubbles and the LOVE bracelet and the earrings were attached on a cute printed cardboard. I really liked the idea of make the business card as the cardboard of the packaging, but I think it could be deteriorate on shipping or whatever, so maybe it would be better if the display cardboard were a star printed as the earrings and let the business card presented as itself.
The bracelet of the Cosmic Set was apart, without plastic or any kind of wrapping. It’s not a fragile item, but as it’s part of a set, it would be nicer to be attached in somehow with the earrings…  
3. The item:
a) Cosmic Set: I really like the beads of this set, they’re pretty original and I’ve not seen them on any shop before. Also, they’ve a really good point, they glow in the dark! Sadly, I’ve been wearing the bracelet for two days and now the stars beads are black… the silver paint has disappeared and also the cosmic designs of the beads o(>< )o⌒*

b) LOVE bracelet: it’s a very cute piece, I really liked so much when I saw it on the online shop. The heart is made with a pearled pastel pink clay, so it’s glittery and light, it won’t be annoying when you’re wear it ✌(◕‿-)✌ Only two little fails: the organza ribbon were not so well attached and the ends of it were not fixed, so I had to remake the bow and fix the ends of the laces… And also, the item could have been packaged before the “love” word was totally dried, so the ribbon sticked on it and deformed the paint of the word (´。_。`)
And that’s all! Alice Creazioni Kawaii is a shop with a large amount of possibilities, but I think they’ve to be a little bit more careful with packaging, communication, and durability of their items! (^‿◕)

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